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Looking to purchase a plastic bottle, jar or closure? We have a catalog of select mold-available PET items. Silgan Plastics has 149 high-quality items with order quantities as low as one case. We invite you to shop our online catalog to find the perfect package or call 315-536-5690 for customer service.

Penn Yan PET Catalog Items

For all other items, Silgan Plastics sells direct to customers that meet a volume requirement of approximately 500,000 units+ per year. If you meet these minimums, please contact us via our web form or by phone at 1.800.2SILGAN (274.5426).

If your volume requirements are less than this, please contact one of our certified contract distributors.  We have distributor partners all across North America and you can find one near you by clicking HERE.

Please note that our storefront requires a login to view pricing and purchase products. Click here to login or create a new account with Silgan Plastics.

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Resin PET
Size 2oz — 1L
Process Stretch Blow Molding, Injection Blow Molding

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